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Truffle Pecorino

Cheese wedge of 200/250g. approx. and vacuum-packed of Truffle Pecorino cheese. Swiss

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Truffle Pecorino

Truffle Pecorino is a harmonious combination between sheep’s milk and the strength of the truffle. Granular pasta can be eaten on a cheese board or also added to a pasta dish. Pecorino with Truffle is a cheese that has a harmonious combination between sheep’s milk and the strength of the truffle. The latter gives it its characteristic marbled appearance and its powerful aroma. Its name comes from the word pecora which means sheep in Italian. Many define it as a cheese with a complex flavor that is well harmonized at the same time. Truffled Pecorino is a cheese with a grainy paste. Its dough is brittle and slightly acidic. Prolonged aging balances the flavor of this cheese with the pronounced aroma of truffle.

Additional Information
Weight 0,55 kg

Vacuum portion

Region / Country

Sardinia, Italy

Type of Milk

Pasteurized Sheep

Maturation Time

150 days minimum

Flavor Intensity


Type of Rennet



Aroma, Lactic ferments, Pasteurised sheep's milk, Preparation (White Truffle Tuber Borchii Vitt. 70%), Rennet, Salt, Water

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