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Pecorino Sardo

Cheese wedge of 200/250g. approx. and vacuum packed of Pecorino Sardo.
Italia Fiore Sardo DOP

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Pecorino Sardo

Pecorino Sardo is a hard, uncooked cheese that is made from fresh whole sheep’s milk curdled using animal rennet. The mixture is poured into molds that will give the cheese its characteristic shape. After a short period in brine, the molds are lightly smoked and left to mature in cool cellars in central Sardinia.

Additional Information
Weight 0,55 kg

Vacuum portion

Region / Country

Sardinia, Italy

Type of Milk

Whole sheep milk

Maturation Time

8 months minimum

Flavor Intensity

Strong and aromatic

Type of Rennet



Lactic acid, Pasteurised sheep's milk, Rennet, Salt


Gluten Free

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