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Sheep Milk Cheese Permeated with Olive Oil

Cheese wedge of 350g. approx. and vacuum packed of Sheep Milk Cheese Permeated with Olive Oil. Zamora

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Sheep Milk Cheese Permeated with Olive Oil


In cheese making, all manufacturing practices are aimed at avoiding whey remaining in the curd. By means of a long pressing that lasts 24 hours and an exhaustive drying of the curd, we achieve a smooth texture and a very slightly rough palate.

Not hot

The spicy flavor would mask the authentic flavor of Sansueña Zamorano cheese. It melts in your mouth.

Additional Information
Weight 0,65 kg

Vacuum portion

Region / Country

Zamora, Spain

Type of Milk

Raw Sheep Milk

Maturation Time

Minimum of 7 months

Flavor Intensity

Strong / Juicy

Type of Rennet



Egg Derivatives, Preservatives (E-252 and E-1105), Raw Sheep Milk, Rennet, Salt

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