Sheep Milk Cheese Permeated with Olive Oil

Cheese wedge of 350g. approx. and vacuum packed of Sheep Milk Cheese Permeated with Olive Oil. Zamora

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Sheep Milk Cheese Permeated with Olive Oil


In cheese making, all manufacturing practices are aimed at avoiding whey remaining in the curd. By means of a long pressing that lasts 24 hours and an exhaustive drying of the curd, we achieve a smooth texture and a very slightly rough palate.

Not hot

The spicy flavor would mask the authentic flavor of Sansueña Zamorano cheese. It melts in your mouth.

Additional Information
Weight 0,65 kg
Region / Country

Zamora, Spain

Type of Milk

Raw Sheep Milk

Maturation Time

Minimum of 7 months

Flavor Intensity

Strong / Juicy

Type of Rennet



Egg Derivatives, Preservatives (E-252 and E-1105), Raw Sheep Milk, Rennet, Salt

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