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Gamonéu Cheese D.O.P. Asturias

Portion of 250/300g. approx. and vacuum packed of Gamonéu P.D.O. cheese.


Protected Designation of Origin

DOP Gamoneu

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Gamonéu Cheese D.O.P. Asturias

Gamoneu PDO Cheese is an Asturian blue cheese that, depending on the season, can be made with cow, goat and sheep milk, to which natural rennet is added, which makes this cheese a totally artisan product.

After salting the faces of the cheese, we proceed to air and answer for several days. After these days it is smoked with a wood fire. This process takes between 10 and 20 days.
Finally, the Gamoneu PDO cheese is matured in natural caves, from two to five months depending on the humidity in the area (Picos de Europa) Asturias.

A unique cheese in the world.

Additional Information
Weight 0,55 kg

Vacuum portion

Region / Country

Asturias, Spain

Type of Milk

Raw cow's milk, Raw Sheep Milk, Whole goat's milk

Maturation Time

From 2 to 5 months

Flavor Intensity

Strong and intense

Type of Rennet



Quesería Priedamu


Lactic ferments, Raw cow's milk, Raw cow's milk, Raw Sheep Milk, Rennet, Salt


Gluten Free

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