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Joselito Collection Pack

1 Jamón Joselito Gran Reserva vacuum packed of 80 g. + 1 Lomo Joselito vacuum packed of 80 g.. + 1 Coppa Joselito vacuum packed of 80 g.. + 1 Chorizo Joselito vacuum packed of 80 g. + 1 Salchichón Joselito vacuum packed of 80 g.

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Joselito Collection Pack

Jamon Joselito Gran Reserva

Joselito Collection Pack

Jamón Joselito Gran Reserva is a fine leg ham. Golden-pinkish fat with creamy soft consistency. Meat with varying shades from deep red to pale pink, with numerous bright marbled fat that melts in your mouth. The Caña de Lomo (Pork Loin) has a reddish appearance of different shades, from intense red plum through carmine to a faded vermilion combined with the unmistakable juice of marbling edges; white lines that are intermixed to give rise to a piece of great flavour and aroma. A totally natural food without preservatives or additives, that provides health due to its high protein value for a healthy and balanced diet. Coppa Joselito is characterized by an intense and prolonged taste on the palate. It is a succulent piece that lies just below the spine in cranial position. The exceptional marbling is skilfully distributed throughout the reddish flesh of different shades, and the delicate touch of pepper, adds grace. Coppa is balanced and easy on the tongue, capable of conquering any palate with its enveloping and refined flavour. Chorizo Joselito is a mixture of minced meats, coming from only the fine pieces of pork, seasoned with sea salt, paprika, garlic and sugar, mixed and cased in intestines, which has passed through a maturing-drying process, characterised by its red colour and characteristic aroma and flavour. The Salchichón Joselito is characterized by its delicacy, given by the special mince of the meat and the contribution that gives the marbling in the muscles of the acorn fed pig, which gives rise to a very harmonious, intense flavour and unique aroma  

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Weight 0,32 kg

Guijuelo. Salamanca (Spain)


Gluten Free, Lactose Free



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