Jamon Ibérico Cebo Campo

Iberian Ham "Cebo Campo" (natural-fed) 50% or 75% Extra maturing for more than 30 months.

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Jamon Ibérico Cebo Campo

The Iberian Cebo Campo Ham comes from free-range Iberian pigs fattened on natural feed in pastures in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Natural ripening and curing process. Ham with a black hoof and shiny golden outer fat and a soft consistency. The cut shows melting shades of reds, pinks and ochres, with numerous infiltrations of bright pinkish-white veined fat. Its flavour melts smoothly and delicately on the palate with exquisite and unique aromas.


Cebo Campo Iberian Ham undergoes a natural curing process of more than 30 months.


Must know how to cut and maintain Cebo Campo Iberian Ham in perfect condition.


For greater enjoyment of the organoleptic properties of Cebo Campo Iberian Ham, it is advisable to consume it at room temperature.

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Iberian Ham "Cebo Campo" (natural-fed) 50% or 75%


More than 30 months


Jabugo. Huelva (Spain)


Whole piece
1 Iberian "Cebo Campo" ham of 7 to 8 kg with more than 30 months of extra curing of the 2019 vintage.

Whole Hand-cut piece
35 packs of 80 g each of "Cebo Campo Iberian Ham hand-sliced with knife and vacuum-packed (2,800 kg/approx.).

Hand-cut 200 g.
Ham sliced by hand by our "master slicers" and vacuum-packed in individual packs of 200 g. Select the quantity you want to cut and we will send it home.

Hand-cut 80 g.
Ham sliced by hand by our "master slicers" and vacuum packed in individual packs of 80 g. Select the quantity you want to cut and we will send it home.

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