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Paleta Bellota Premium

Acorn-fed Iberian "Paleta" 50-75%, Extra maturing for more than 30 months.

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Paleta Bellota Premium

Paleta Bellota Premium is our most popular “paleta”. Selected one by one to our liking, well-defined with just the right amount of fat. Its cure is greater than 30 months. Like the jamon, it is exquisite.


The Premium Acorn-fed Paleta Bellota ham undergoes a natural curing process of more than 40 months.


You must know how to cut and maintain the Paleta Bellota Premium in perfect condition.


For a greater enjoyment of the organoleptic properties of the "Paleta Bellota Premium", it is recommended to consume it at room temperature.

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Whole piece, Hand-cut piece, Hand-cut 80 g., Hand-cut 200 g.


Jabugo. Huelva (Spain)


Acorn-fed Iberian "Paleta" 50-75%


More than 30 months




Whole piece
1 Premium Acorn-fed Acorn-fed Shoulder from 5 to 5.5 kg with more than 30 months of extra curing of the 2019 vintage.

20 packs of 80 g each of "Paleta Premium Bellota", hand-cut with knife and vacuum-packed (1,600 kg/approx.).
Paleta cut by hand with a knife by our "master cutters" and vacuum packed in 200g packs. Select the quantity you want to cut and we will send it home.

Hand-cut 80 g.
Ham cut by hand by our "master cutters" and vacuum packed in individual 80 g packs. Select the quantity you want to cut and we will send it home.

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