Jamonería Jose Luis Romero

How to order?

Gift a ham
pieza entera

Whole Piece

Traditional and economical way to take cured ham home, however, you will need to cut it yourself. It would be necessary to have the basic notions and a good knife.

Single pack of vacuum packed ham

Hand-cut piece

Our specialty, hand-carved cured ham and vacuum packed for optimum conservation. This allows the cured ham to be conserved at home for a long period of time, so you can then enjoy your “jamón” at any moment that you like. It’s always ready to eat! Always ready to taste!

How do I eat it?



Our vacuum-packed Iberian products can remain at room temperature for several weeks, although we recommend keeping them in the fridge once at home. To consume within six months after packaging.

If you want to enjoy “jamón” 100%, it is necessary to take it at room temperature. To facilitate the process straight away from the fridge, pour some hot water on the pack before opening to take off the slices without breaking. Stamp on a nice plate and enjoy!

Whole Piece (Jamones and Paletas)

Remove packaging and keep in a cold and dry place until its beginning. We recommend consuming within three months after purchase.

To protect the surface of the ham once opened, you can cover it with its fat, changing it as we “undress” the ham. Even better is to cover it with paper film well fixed to avoid the oxidation process.

Whole Piece (Cold Meat)

We recommend removing packaging 24 hours before consumption and eat it at room temperature. Keep in the fridge once opened protecting from direct cold.

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