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Ling Roe

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Ling Roe

As its name indicates, it is obtained from the fish known as Ling or Maruca in Spanish, a species of gadiform fish typical of the Atlantic Ocean that lives in deep rocky waters. Its roe is exquisite, differentiated from other fish by its consistency, softness and taste. It has a fairly fleshy but tender texture, unlike the roe of other fish that are more rubbery. Its flavour maintains the taste of salting, without camouflaging the original flavours of the sea. Its elaboration is natural, handmade and simple, introducing them pressed in salt, so they lose all the water. It is dried under the sun, where it achieves a very striking pink colour. Ling roe is ideal as an aperitif. As a salted product, the best way to taste it is in thin slices or sprinkled with a little extra olive oil. Sometimes it can also be used to enrich salads or pasta.

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