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Tuna Mojama from Barbate

Piece of 300g. aprox and vacuum packed of Tuna Mojama from Barbate.

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Tuna Mojama from Barbate

Considered “the pata negra of the sea” for its exquisite taste, this product is ideal as an aperitif in any celebration. It is a succulent delicacy typical of the southern regions of Spain.

It is classified in different qualities according to the part of the loin of the tuna of where it is elaborated. We call “extra quality” to the most selected and highest quality, which corresponds to the central area of the tuna loin. Its texture is very fine and compact, with a grain that forms concentric circles.

It is a product with PGI (protected geographical indication) of the European Union, “Mojama de Barbate”, which makes it a genuine product for consumers, for its quality, preparation, and tradition. It is awarded to the mojama that is made in the villages of Barbate and Vejer, and only with two varieties of wild tuna, “yellowfin” and “bluefin tuna”.

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Barbate y Vejer (Cádiz, Spain)


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