The best Cured Ham in the world

Corte de jamón ibérico de bellota

The Cured Ham is an authentic treasure of Spanish gastronomy. An unequaled product elaborated from Iberian pigs back legs raised in freedom in the peninsular Dehesas. We all know its health benefits and the sustainability of this legendary product, but, which is the best in the world?

One of the best recognized brand and “considered the best cured ham in the world” is Jamón Joselito. Since 1868, drawing from over a century of experience, Joselito has carefully amassed the secrets of a long standing tradition. Five generations of professionals within the same family have worked toward one single goal: producing the best cured ham in the world.

The Joselito brand can be found in 90% of two- and three-Michelin star restaurants, and a stroll through the best luxury food shops finds Joselito meats proudly presiding over the delicatessen section.

JOSELITO is a culinary gem, acclaimed by the greatest gastronomic names and the leading food critics worldwide. It is served in the most prestigious restaurants and sold in gourmet food shops in 54 countries. More than just a brand, a legend.

In our store you will find Jamón Joselito, in different ways to carry home, besides being able to delight it in our “tapas zone”. In addition to it you will find other very prestigous Spanish Cured Hams. Few sites can count on such a wide variety of high level Cured Hams in its showcase. The best Spanish Cured Hams in the world are next to you and prepared to be tasted. If you think they are far, click in our store.

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